Perform Naturally with Green Lumber

We make performance easy today, so you don’t have to worry about missing the opportunities when they count.


"My wife is a fan, she wrote a thank you note". 

"It felt like I was working with a 2x4."

“It works.” 

“I had never used a product like this and I can say there was an extra umph.”

“There’s some longevity in these things that’s for sure.” 

“That stuff is money.”

What is Green Lumber?

Green Lumber is a 100% natural supplement designed to deliver a competitive advantage during everyone's favorite pastime. Take one capsule every 72 hours and you're good to go.

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Weekender Green Lumber 2 Tickets To Paradise

The Weekender - $19

Contains 2 capsules. Great to just try us out. One capsule is to be taken every 72 hours.

Vacation Green Lumber 4 Ever Young pack

The Vacation - $36

Contains 4 capsules. The perfect anti-commitment. One capsule is to be taken every 72 hours.

Lifestyle Green Lumber 10 Foot Pole

The Lifestyle - $69

Contains 10 capsules. 30-day supply. One capsule is to be taken every 72 hours.



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Green Lumber CEO Brett Hales is hoping a sense of humor and an all-natural supplement can help guys alleviate issues in the bedroom.

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How long will it take my order to arrive?

2-3 business days on average. All of our product is shipped with first class postage. 


How long does 1 capsule last?

Our customers have reported noticing effects for 2-3 days


How long does it take to work? 

It generally takes a few hours for the herbs to metabolize.


When should I take the product? 

Recommended supplementation is once every three days on an empty stomach. Taking it when you first wake up is usually most convenient.


Is this addictive?

No. Green Lumber is an all-natural herb supplement. 


How do I know it is safe? 

None of our ingredients have ever been shown by themselves or in combination to have any unwanted effects.

No Prescriptions
No Doctor Visits

Our proprietary blend of roots and herbs is sourced entirely from the Far East rain forests.

For Centuries, Eastern cultures have used similar indigenous plants to successfully aid men, getting them in the game, or performing better during it. This isn't new, it's just new to you.


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