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Get Green Lumber Story

We all have "that" friend. The friend that is a living legend. They could fight MMA. Open a fitness gym. Have stories of dancing with celebrities at some random bar. Try out for the NFL on a whim and get in. The friend that many of us look up to and aspire to be "when we grow up." 

Two years ago at lunch in Orange County with "that" close childhood friend, Brett Hales was thrown what would only be described as a game changer.  A packet of supplements landed in his hand. Small green pills, that his friend said, "he had to try." Brett quickly responded with an "I don't need them..." but his friend insisted he hold onto them..."that" friend was a good friend. 

Brett was so impressed after trying the supplements that he called up his friend. Raving about the product, he told his friend he had to get his hands on more.  He was introduced to the person that brought this amazing natural supplement from Malaysia and was told the story. 

The product was discovered four years ago while a young group of UFC fighter were on an 8-month MMA tournament expedition to the Far East. A few months into the trip the fighters found that their bodies weren't recovering as quickly from the constant stress of weekly fighting tournaments despite being in amazing physical shape. They were suffering from low testosterone levels.

They were introduced to a renowned compound pharmacist that specialized in natural remedies sourced from the Malaysian forests and perfected over years. He gave them a single capsule and told them to come back in three days. Upon return, the group of UFC fighter shared stories about how this pill revitalized them and helped them increase their endurance, strength, and stamina. 

They convinced the pharmacist to start shipping the supplement to the U.S. to be used as a training supplement for UFC fighters (and sold to local fathers to help them with their workout regiments and personal lives).


After hearing the origins of the product Brett realized he needed to help men everywhere by giving them access to this product. 

Today, Green Lumber is purchased by men all over the country that rave about the positive effects and benefits of Green Lumber. Men old and young have found that this product helps improve their strength, increase their stamina and lessen their recovery time after many physical activities. 

Purchase today and see why Green Lumber is changing the lives of men everywhere. 

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Green Lumber CEO, Brett Hales, is hoping that a sense of humor and an all-natural fuel can help men alleviate issues and end the stigma of men's health products.

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